♥Yvonne♥ (loveinspiresme) wrote in scott_p_still,

Community Re-Start - Challenge #1

I wanna bring this community back to life so I'm going to re-start this community!

Header & Default Icon
-- the headers must be between 640x200.
-- You can use any photos of Scott/Luke you would like.
-- other text on the header is fine but it should say scott_p_still on it somewhere.
-- the default icon must follow stanard livejournal rules and match the header.
-- it should say scott_p_still on it somewhere.
-- you may submit 2 headers & 2 default icons.
-- comments will be screened.

All enteries should be posted here by Saturday Dec 9/06. If you have any questions please just ask :)

Current Entries: 00
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